Professional stations and customers

Case studies

A sense of togetherness in the digital transformation process

A German company (> 7,000 employees) has been undergoing a digital transformation for three years. While some employees were deeply involved in shaping the vision of the future, the majority continued to operate using the 'old' methods, structures, and processes. An employee survey revealed a growing divide within the workforce: Many employees began distinguishing between an 'old' and a 'new' world, feeling a lack of belonging and experiencing increasing concerns. My task was to bridge this gap between the two realms, starting with a clarifying and appreciative approach in the boardroom and culminating in the development of a change communication strategy. This involved defining appropriate opportunities for participation and information dissemination for all employees

Appreciative communication

An internationally active brand agency (>200 employees) discovered through an employee survey that its employees desired greater appreciation, respect, and recognition from their managers. During my full-day training on 'Appreciative Communication,' approximately 60 managers underwent sessions to heighten awareness and acquire communication skills for authentic, appreciative, and clear interactions. Utilizing the established 'Nonviolent Communication' method by Dr. Marshall Rosenberg, we extensively practiced delivering sensitive or critical content to recipients in a clear, empathetic, and appreciative manner.